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Forever peace.

31 January 1977
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This guy lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and is in the last stages of a Master Early Modern History, while working in Home Care to avoid hunger before graduation.

I tend not to get obsessive about stuff that I love, but these interests can be pretty obscure:

I love to read. Most of all science fiction, but good (important!) fantasy and horror is also on my literature diet. Also a lot of early modern history (have an ambition to go professional) to keep my knowledge up-to-date.

Do my own research on anything that fascinates me at that moment.

Although I like good movies, I especially like to watch bad or ridiculous movies ironically. Japanese stuff is generally pretty insane, so I must admit that I watch a lot of stuff from that country (no, I've never watched tentacle porn. I hope this sentence will never disappear). A good television series can hold my interest, although I hate television.

I like my music dark and loud (harsh EBM, electro, Metal), but I also like classical music or normal music of decent quality.

I like to have good conversations with friends about all thing speakable and unspeakable, but get shy when in large groups.